Creating a Greener World with Your Help

We Need Your Help to Save the Environment

Earth is our home. Nurturing and caring for it is part of our duty as citizens and human beings. PPRE-Forevergreen of Charlotte Inc. is committed to doing our part to save the environment. If you're interested in helping our organization, we are currently in need of donations and dedicated volunteers.

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When you donate to our green charity based in Charlotte, NC, you're doing your part to promote a strong relationship between energy companies and employees in need of work. We need donations of money, vehicles such as work trucks, and a variety of technology items, including desktop computers, laptops, and copiers. Providing our employees in the field with supplies is highly important to us.

We're in need of investors looking to make a strong investment in properties. All donations, including donations of land, are tax-deductible. We need land donations in order to build green skill training facilities, solar energy facilities, and more. For physical donations, please drop items off at 301 Greystone Road, Charlotte, NC 28209, Attention Rev. Michael Clea. For companies making large donations, our accounting firm is Heavenly Minded Consultants with Damien Fields. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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We're looking for members and volunteers who want to help save the environment. Volunteers can provide assistance with training, become trained themselves, or help us find workers. Our trainers can become paid employees. Get in touch with us to learn more about the application process. We need researchers for criminal justice policies, as well as environmental issues and legislation.

For those looking to volunteer, we're looking for at least a six-month commitment. Trainers and instructors must have academic or training credentials. If you wish to become a board member, you must commit to serve for at least one year. We are also looking for skilled grant writers who have experience writing grants and government contracts.

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